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Welcome to DLA-USA Business Transition Specialists

Dan Loiacono & Associates specializes in preparing businesses for an eventual transition of ownership. Ownership transitions can involve an acquisition, merger, or sale.

Dan Loiacono & Associates maximizes the business return on investment (ROI) through a unique strategic advisory approach. This approach focuses on increasing the stability, value, and marketability of the business prior to a potential transaction.


Strategic Advisory Services
    • Review Business Model (quality/financial control systems, financial performance, profitability, cost structure, marketplace- demand, market share, competitive overview) 
    • Assess Sales Cycle, customer base (diversification, CRM process)
    • Assess Operational Efficiency - Profit model, process documentation, training, customer retention, employee retention
    • Review Business Valuation - identify key value drivers, research market transactions, identify strategic targets (potential merger, acquisition, or transfer of ownership)
    • Design a Strategic Plan
    • Assume active executive advisory role within the organization
    • Implement plan
    • Business Performance Advisors 
Transaction Advisory Services

Once the business is refined to a satisfactory level, we will dovetail traditional mergers and acquisition level services into the process. The approach to confidentially marketing the business can include:

  • Evaluate business from a due diligence perspective,
  • Make recommendations to enhance business value/marketability,
  • Assist in the implementation of recommended strategies,
  • Package the business information,
  • Research market and develop a strategic merger or acquisition plan,
  • Facilitate/negotiate potential transaction discussions, and
  • Manage the due diligence process.


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